Experience the Freedom of a Great Career

We have all heard it before “Just Be Yourself”. But what does it mean? Does it mean giving in to our every desire? Doing whatever we want regardless of others? Who am I really, and how do I know how to stay true to myself?.

Every time you feel excited, joyous and thrilled about something, it is a clear indicator that whatever you are getting excited about IS A MATCH TO WHO YOU ARE. So by following that feeling, that excitement, you are following YOUR TRUE SELF, your heart’s desire, who you are.

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Finding the Freedom, You Are Looking For Starts with a Great Career and Positive Mental Attitude

It is no wonder that we delight ourselves in looking back to when we were kids, and remember what it was that made us so HAPPY. Maybe it was drawing, or taking things apart. Or maybe it was playing sports, or singing and dreaming about becoming a star. Whatever it was, you know it, because back then you were all about “Being yourself.” No thinking about it being right or wrong, about what other people might think about it, you didn’t give a damn, and it was WONDERFUL.

But then we grow up and leave all that behind because we have to be “responsible.” Because we now have bills to pay and people to take care of, and now all that matters is Money. And we would never get that, doing what we love, right?. I cant think of the worst thing than a God who would give us the talent to do certain things, and love and passion for doing them, only to find out it just isn’t enough for what we call REAL LIFE.

But in truth, it is because we are not doing those things we love that we are struggling. If we just release all fear, doubt, and judgment, we will see that BEING OURSELVES is what Life is all about. The more we are ourselves, the more we encourage everyone else to be themselves, and the more joy, love, and peace we bring to the world, every time we choose it for our lives.

Love yourself, embrace yourself, and see how everything around falls into place. Who can deny a kid his joy as he plays and laughs with a big smile on his face?  The world can only smile back.

“The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself and yet one with God.”

–  Edgar Cayce

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Hard Work and Belief In Yourself Can Pay Off With a Great Job and Self Confidence

Financial Freedom

I enjoyed reading about “8 Silicon Valley Millionaires Who Don’t Feel Rich.” And like the title says, it describes how people who are millionaires no longer feel they are. It just goes to show us that the amount of money you have does not matter, all that matters is how prosperous you feel.

These millionaires have been looking at other people’s lives and other people’s money instead of enjoying theirs. This is a clear example of the good old “keeping up with the Joneses.” But that will only make them feel lacking since you will always find someone with more of anything you can think of, not only money. The funny thing is that tough they where making hundreds of thousands or even millions a year; they still lived pretty “normal” lives. They live just like you and me, in a moderate sized or even small house at times, only because they choose to live in the most expensive places (just to keep up?). When they could very well be enjoying an abundant and even luxurious life if they wanted to, someplace else. But the only thing that is keeping them where they are is their own FEELINGS. You see, even tough they are rich they still feel POOR. And tough they got millions, they live in a small apartment or condo and worry about their costly payments and future life day after day. They work even harder that most of us, just because they think if they stop doing so, everything will go away. So they have no choice, they are trapped, condemned to work harder and longer than most.

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Part of the Challenge To Find Personal Fulfillment Is to Resist Demands From Others

And I have to ask “And what for?”. It seems they want to have enough money, an amount that in their HEADS makes them feel SECURE, to start feeling good, stop worrying and start enjoying life.
But that feeling can never come from the outside, it must begin inside, they must first feel secure, prosperous and joyful if they ever wish to enjoy their lives.

Again, with regards to my article titled are facts meaningless, you can see how this is a perfect example of how nothing matters, except the meaning we give to it.

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Introverts Can Turn Themselves Into Extroverts at Work With a Little Practice

Take A Bite Out of Life

The impact the Law of Attraction has made on the world is simply amazing. It has raised a revolution of the mind, and empowered people to the realization that they are masters of their life, and can choose to be, do or have anything they want.

But I have seen many people focusing on instant gratification. Wanting to go from rags to riches in a day. Quickly changing their life with a blink of an eye. And tough I do not deny that both the Universe and ourselves are endowed with unlimited potential, I think there is a critical part missing. And that is, that the most wonderful part of being conscious creators of our life, is the thrill of watching our creation unfold piece by piece before our very eyes.

Learning to savor life and the unfolding of our dreams is the true purpose of conscious creation. It is not about the result, the house, the relationship or the money. It is about the awareness we gain every time we consciously apply the law of attraction in our life. We must learn to enjoy every moment while standing in fantastic expectation of the good that we desire. If we could all stay in that wonderful state of joy, while being excited about the achievement of our goal we would live in a constant state of bliss, because we would be allowing only right into our life.

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Finding the Career Is the Difference Between a Good and Great Life

Imagine your goals as delicious cuisine. You wouldn’t sit at the table and swallow the whole thing, would you?. You would savor each bite with joy, appreciating the unique flavor, the different textures, the colors, and smell, enjoying the thrill of the moment. This is how we should live life, savoring each day, bite by bite. If we do this, we might just get to taste a little slice of heaven.

Don’t rush through life, rather enjoy every second of it. Just like a delicious glass of punch. If you are feeling hungry, get a bite out of life.  It is a philosophy I learned during my mortgage career, and a lesson that is taken to heart every day.

Yesterday night I was watching an episode of Law & Order that inspired me to write this post. It was a powerful man who held a prominent government position and abused his power by threatening a young woman with threatening her career and banning her from ever working at a law firm again. Feeling without an escape, she consented and ended up sleeping with the man. Years later she ended up sewing the man. One side said she had made a decision and “slept her way to the top,” the other that “She had no choice because the man had the power to make or brake her career forever.” In the end, jury declared the man guilty and she won.

There is no doubt the man in question was a pig, and gravely abused his power. But was the young lady really without a choice? She could have just walked away. Yes, she would have lost her job, eight hard years of work, and even be banned from any possibility of working again in her field for life. But still, she had a choice. We are used to pointing our finger at others and blaming them for what happens in our lives. We blame the government, we blame our neighbors, we blame our spouse. And this is the model of living for the United States, just take a look at the amount of lawsuits filed every year. You better watch how you are looking at someone, or you might get sued. Just take a look at this, I cant believe stupidity is rewarded.

These days, even people behaving in reckless or flat-out illegal ways want to blame someone when their stupidity burns them. Take Juan Alejandro Soto, who, after a night of drinking, arrived with his friends at a closed New York City subway platform. Rather than return to street level, the men decided to trek to the next station along a nonpublic catwalk. (Ever hear of a taxi, guys?) Sure enough, a train came along. But instead of standing as far from the tracks as possible, Soto tried to outrun it and, tragically, was struck, losing both his legs.

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Careful Planning and a Positive Mental Attitude All Contribute to Self-Fulfillment

Soto didn’t curse his foolishness and give thanks he was not killed. Instead, he took action and filed a lawsuit. Soto argued that the conductor should have been able to stop before hitting him, a theory he bolstered by describing the typical speed he previously reached on a treadmill. Incredibly, last March, a jury awarded Soto $1.4 million, despite a dissenting judge who said that Soto’s injuries were “entirely his fault.”

We need to become aware that we always have a choice and that what we experience in life is always our own doing. What about a drunk driver slamming into my car? Well, I still prefer to look at it as my own doing rather than blaming the drunk driver. Because blaming others means I have no control over my life, that I am at the mercy of others, of the world and life. And that would mean we are all powerless, and I cannot be powerless if I was made in God’s Image. I choose to believe I control my life, that I shape it as I see fit, and that whatever I am experiencing is my creation. I always have a choice, without it, I would rather not exist.

From very early in life, we were taught to play it safe, to never risk our physical, emotional and financial assets, which to do so would be foolish. Don’t play close to the fire or you will burn, don’t climb to high, you might fall; be realistic, or you will just end up disappointed. I have seen this play-it-safe attitude towards life be a major stumbling block and limitation to the lives of others. I knew a man that for a period has numerous offers to go work for big companies; his income would be increased substantially, but he would have to move to another city for the job. This man thought living in another city would be tough; he would have to pay rent and know nobody, so he stayed in his average job because that is where he felt safe. This story more or less is everybody’s story, we all get faced with opportunities (just ask my estate lawyer) that involve a certain amount of risk now and then, and those who take them are the ones that truly make it in life. I like to think like Helen Keller, she tells us…

                                        “LIFE IS EITHER. A DARING ADVENTURE


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Conference Rooms Like This One in a Well Known Mortgage Company Can Be Yours with a Little Focus and Effort

Career Risk Taking

Most people think that risk taking is the same as being irresponsible, but that is just not the case. Risk takers are always aware of the dangers the risk implies and prepare themselves as best they can; they can see themselves coming victorious out of the situation, and they take action. Irresponsible people take risks without ever paying attention to the dangers the risk brings, and take action out of “impulse” instead of preparation and careful thought. For example, suppose someone gets a suggestion from a friend to invest his money in an individual stock, and let’s suppose this person doesn’t have any investing experience, then out of sheer excitement he goes out and invests all of his money on that stock hoping he will have a high return. This wouldn’t be risk taking; this would just be acting irresponsibly. If this man would have taken the time to study the friend’s suggestion properly and with the help of capable people, and determined that it would be best to invest only a portion of his money, he would still be taking a risk while investing, but he couldn’t possibly be accused of acting irresponsibly. This man worked out of clear thought instead of sheer excitement and prepared himself as best he could for the risk at hand. This is how risk taking is done, risk takers always know the danger in the risk but also know the potential reward it can bring, they prepare themselves for the task and set out to do it.

Life rewards risk takers, going after what you want in life is always a risk. Know the price you will have to pay for taking the risk, prepare yourself as best you can for the task and set out to do it, believe me, and you will be rewarded.